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Sash windows can add elegance and charm to your home. These sophisticated windows can also increase the value of your home and turn it into a more valuable asset.

It is believed that these kinds of windows existed in Europe during the 16th Century. The historic Victorian homes, Edwardian estates and the Chatsworth House in England all had these types of windows. The original design is considered to be the work of an English architect called Robert Hooke.

Types of sash windows

There are three different types of sash windows including

· Single-hung

· Double-hung

· Horizontal sliding windows

Single-hung:It comes with one section that can move. The bottom side can be pushed upwards while the top stays firm. These styles are found in older homes where pulleys, cords, or other weights are used to open and close windows.

Double-hung: This style is ideal for both traditional and modern homes. Normally the product comes with classic six-over-six, nine-over-nine, or other four-over-four panes. Both sections of these kinds of sash windows can be opened. These windows also make use of pulleys and weights.

Horizontal sliding: These are windows with two sections that can slide sideways within its window frame. They are less common than ones with a vertical sash; they can be used to add a timeless beauty to your home.

Sash windows materials

These products come in various materials like wood, plastics and uPVC. Sash wooden windows can wear out after several years of use, however, they do not break into fragments like plastic and uPVC ones can sometimes do. Wooden windows are generally considered to give your home a more classic look, though uPVC windows now come in wooden effects. UPVC variants are extremely affordable and require very little maintenance. These features make them a favourite with home owners.

Safety features

These products are popular for their safety features. The double glazed ones come with many safety features. For example the limit stops feature can prevent the window from being opened for more than 100 mm. This can give you an extra security against break-ins or provided added peace of mind if you have children. Some products have key-locking features that can stop them from getting damaged due to prolonged metal-to-metal contact.

The functional design and innate beauty of these types of windows have a made them a favourite with home owners across the globe. Sash windows' timeless beauty and enhanced features make them an ideal choice for your home.

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