Advice On Keeping Your Double Glazed Windows In Good Condition

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For the majority of us, installing double glazing is normally not an easy decision to make due to the sheer expense involved, though we all know that double glazing offers better heat insulation and makes the outside and inside of a home look much more contemporary. When you go to the vast expense of fitting double glazing, you should also remember that in order to keep it looking as good as possible for as long as possible, you need to take good care of it.

Double glazed windows can be affected by weathering, traffic fumes, damp and general wear and tear and can ultimately ruin this exterior look. In order to counteract these effects, follow the steps below to ensure your double glazed windows stay beautiful for as long as possible.

Clean The Glass - Rather than investing in expensive window cleaners claiming to be the best thing since sliced bread, sometimes it is the old, traditional methods that end up being the best. An old sock dipped in a mixture of vinegar and water works wonders on glass and dries without streaking. Plus it is super cheap and easy.

Vacuum - The easiest way to keep the window frame clean is by using a vacuum cleaner. Once every few weeks it is advisable to get the vacuum cleaner out, open up all the windows and vacuum around the inside of the frame. This will reduce the amount of dust built up over time and prevent damage or discoloring caused by the dirt.

Avoid Damp - When new double glazed windows are fitted they tend to fill the window gap better than the previous windows which may have even had ventilation gaps around the window frames. With reduced ventilation comes an increase in the amount of condensation observed. Excessive condensation can cause mould to grow on the window surface and edge seals, eventually causing discoloring and possibly damage. To prevent this, make sure that all rooms have sufficient ventilation or your new double glazed windows have ventilation gaps built in.

Installing double glazing is probably one of the most expensive things that many of us will ever do to our homes and for that reason, we all would like to avoid doing it more than is absolutely necessary. This means that we need to ensure that we are taking good care of our double glazed windows by following the advice detailed above. If at any time your double glazing requires repair, unless you are a registered window fitter, it is probably best for you to call a professional. Not doing so could cost you a lot more in the long run.

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Advice On Keeping Your Double Glazed Windows In Good Condition

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    Norma+Mary+Fay- 2011/01/15 01:54:42 am

    Double-glazing in both windows and doors has become standard for homes in the modern world and particularly those in colder climates. The ability to retain warmth in a room is the major attraction to double-glazing. It has been proven that 60% of heat loss from homes is through traditional windows and doors. Homeowners who have implemented double glazing as part of their remodeling strategy can usually expect a 10-12% decrease in their monthly heating bills. I love he idea of going green while helping yourself monetarily. Double glazing your windows and doors greatly improves the insulation drastically which reduces heat transfer and noise. It is great that something as easy as double glazing your windows can make the world a cleaner place and improve the environment. It will add so much value to your home- and save on your heating bills since it helps to insulate your home. You will be entitled to a tax credit by the government which will cover part of the cost of replacing to higher efficiency windows While I agree that it is a good idea to get windows and doors that are double glazed, I think it is just as important to do your research ahead of time. When I replaced the windows in my living room, I used McGraw Hill's Sweets Directory of construction products and manufacturers to get my information. While I work for them, they honestly offer the most complete directory I have seen. That is why I use them myself. In addition, I love all of the useful information they offer and I love the CAD details they offer. I highly recommend them.

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