Different Types of Sash Windows

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Sash windows are the movable window panes that can be closed and open by sliding vertically or horizontally. Commonly found in old homes with Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian styles, these are said to have originated in Europe as early as the 16th century. Even though some people think that sash window is outdated, many still go for this type for its beauty and elegance. Not to mention, it can easily blend with modern style homes. If you think of buying one for your home, here are the different types, that makes you land the right choice. Before you buy any, make sure that you study each of your option so you know which one would be most suitable for you.


As the name implies, this type only has a movable section. The most common styles of single-hung sash windows have bottoms that push up while the top cannot be moved. The single variety is the older version that is usually found in very old homes. For windows that are much too old, there will be a pulley set up of weights and cords to be used for opening and closing of the windows. Since there is only one movable part of the window, this type is less energy efficient than others.


This type if more modern compared to the single type. This one has the two panels that slide up and down. In short, both panels can be opened and closed. This type was constructed as an improved version of the single sash window. Even though it is the modern version, it can still look traditional if you choose the six over six type that has the two rows in each sections and divided into three panes each. Other types include four over four, six over two, and nine over nine. Six over six is the most common type that you can see commonly The primary advantage of double-hung sash window is that they are more energy efficient. The top part can be opened to let cool air makes its way inside the house and the bottom panel can be opened to let warm air escape. There is also no more need for weight and pulleys, as these windows are opened and closed using modern mechanisms. Moreover, because all the window parts can be opened, they are much easier to clean, repair, and maintain.

Horizontal Sliding

This particular type refers to the window with two sashes that can slide sideways in the frame. Although this is not as popular as the two mentioned above, you will still find a few of this variety being used in both traditional and modern houses. If you are going to buy this type but the retailer says the store doesn't have any of that kind, mention Yorkshire windows, which is what this type is sometimes called. Some retailers refer to it as Yorkshire as this is said to have originated in England.

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Different Types of Sash Windows

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This article was published on 2010/12/03