How To Properly Clean And Maintain Sash Windows

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Cleaning and maintaining anything is not always on the priority list for many people, and when it comes to this style of window, it is very important to make sure they are always properly looked after. Many UPVC window manufacturers offer these types of windows that can easily be maintained. There is a certain process that has to be followed to properly perform these tasks.

Cleaning a sash window

1. Focus must be given on the frame first. If the windows are cleaned first, then the windows may get dirty again if this task is done last. A special cleaner should be used, depending on the material that is used. The cleaner should be put on the cloth and then the frame, seals and casings should be wiped down.

2. Next, focus on the windows. The lower part of the window should be lowered to a height that will allow one to clean with comfort. Using a glass cleaner, one should spray the outside of the window. Using a cloth, immediately wipe off the spray mist from the window. Use circular motions or back and forth motions, just make sure not to leave any streaks. Special attention should also be given to parts that are really dirty.

3. The lower window should then be raised and the bottom should be sprayed. Again, immediately wipe it clean.

Maintaining the window

If the frame of the window is made of wood, then it will usually be protected with paint or some sort of protective finish, like a wood varnish. Adding any type of finish to a wood frame will immediately enhance its beauty. The only challenge faced when using this frame is that it needs to be repainted or finished every 4 to 5 years.

Harsh weather conditions will eventually take their toll. It will depend on the area. If living in an area that has consistent good weather with only mild variations, the paint or finish may last longer. If the area suffers drastic changes in conditions, then the wood will need recoating sooner. Before doing any type of paint job, follow the process below:

1. The surface must be prepared – Before painting can begin, it must be prepared. If the existing paint is still fine, then it may just need to be sanded down a bit and then cleaned up with soap and water. However, if the the paint is flaking and loose, then it will need to be removed completely using sandpaper. The fittings and sash lifts can be removed if necessary.

2. Wood must be treated – Before any painting can be done it needs to be treated and sealed, when the surface is smooth and clean. Now a sealant or undercoat needs to be added to the surface. It should not affect the color of the frame.

3. Various layers must be dry and clean – When the surface has been sealed, then it can be painted. One should consider that each of the different layers must be applied on a dry and clean surface. If there are two coats that will be applied, it should also be completely dry before a second coat is applied. Try to use straight strokes and avoid getting the paint on the windows. Use masking tape to seal off the outer edges where the glass meets so that no paint touches the glass. Remove this as quickly as possible or the tape may leave a residue behind.

sash windows require special attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. But, when done properly, one will be able to enjoy the full benefits of this attractive glass feature. UPVC window manufacturers have created products that will reduce the need to constantly maintain the window. Cleaning however, cannot be avoided. Besides windows, they also offer UPVC patio doors that will also cut down on maintenance.

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How To Properly Clean And Maintain Sash Windows

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This article was published on 2011/07/13