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One morning when I looked out my windows I could see the sun was shining in a crystal clear blue sky and the leaves of the trees were swaying in a gentle breeze. The beautiful weather inspired me to open one of the two windows in my home office a few inches. It would be nice to enjoy a little of the refreshing mountain breeze and the birds songs while I typed away at my computer.

A little while later, my 3 ½ year old son interrupted his play to come visit me in my office. He was drawn to the slightly opened window, the cool breeze, the birds songs and the sights of nature. My son noticed the closed window and pointed at it saying, "Mommy, open the window." So I got up and opened the window for him, but I only opened the window a few inches. You see, I wanted the height of the two windows, which were right next to each other, to match. Then I sat back down at my computer and went back to work.

Our windows are very low to the ground. When I glanced up from my work, I saw my son was bent over to fit his head under the window and peering out. Then he pushed the window up a little higher so he could stand up straight. But I wanted the two windows to match in height, so I got up and I closed the window back to just the right height. Then my son went to the other window and opened it a little higher. Once again I got up and closed the window to match the height of the first window. Just as I sat back down again, my son said, "No, Mommy!" And as quickly as he could he opened both of the windows up as high as he could reach, and ran out of the room laughing at me!

"Think you're funny?" I called teasingly. As I rose to close both of the windows back to the way I originally had them, I stopped short! All of a sudden looking at both of those windows opened all the way with every intention of closing them to what I thought was the proper height, I realized how like my heart and my mind those two windows were. I could open my heart and my mind a little way, most of the way or all of the way. I retreated and sat back down in my office chair stunned. My 3 ½ year old son just taught me a valuable lesson!

Hours later those two windows were both still open all the way. I left them that way until the weather turned cold enough to force me to close them. They were my reminder to pray to God everyday to open my heart and my mind to Him, to Christ's teachings, to my family, friends and all other people, to life, laughter, forgiveness, love and to all the earth's beautiful offerings!

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Open the Windows

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This article was published on 2010/03/27