Practical Window Cleaning Tips

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It has always been said that the windows represent the eyes of a home. This is why, it is important that you maintain your windows in top condition. They should always be free not only of defects but also of dust, grime, and dirt. Having sparkling windows can leave good impression to any who goes to your home. Below you will find excellent tips on how to clean your windows and make them look good as new. Whether you are cleaning sash windows or any other type, these tips would be of great help to you.

Steps in Cleaning the Windows

First, you fill a spray bottle with club soda. Spray the solution on the windows. Wipe the windows and the glass with a clean paper towel or rag. Next, fill the bottle with a vinegar and water solution. Vinegar and water should be in equal amounts and should be mixed well together. Spray also on the window surface then wipe clean using a different rag. Next, use a squeegee dipped in water to clean the windows. You also use mildew and mold remover for dirt, that are hard to remove.

Another option would be to mix two cups of baking soda with just enough water to create a thick paste. Coat the window ledge with this solution. Let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing with a soft rag. Use circular motions to avoid streaking the windows. Rinse it with the vinegar and water solution to remove residue and also to disinfect the windows.

Cleaning Tips

Remove first the clutter from the window sills such as books, toys, or any other item that is there. It is much more difficult to clean windows when there are so many other items that serve as a hindrance. Use natural cleaners to remove dirt from the window. It would be best to use cleaners that are specially made for windows. Stay away from cleaners that contain harsh chemicals as this may cause damage to the quality of the windows.

Window Treatments

Window treatments need to be changed with the seasons. For example, during winter, you can have darker window treatments to keep the cold out of the home. When summertime comes, it would be best to change the window treatments to lighter color. Drapes are also great because they bring in fresh air into the home.

How Often to Clean the Window

Make sure to clean the windows at least four times a year. If the windows appear dirty more often, clean as often as you could. It does not matter whether you have single-hung windows or double-hung windows with sash windows. It is must to take care of your windows and sash windows as much you can.

Cleaning is not a task that everyone loves. But even though it seems tedious and tiring, it is a must that we make it a point to clean our windows. This is important so that our windows will look brand new all the time and they will last a long time with us. Windows that are not taken properly deteriorate more easily over time.

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Practical Window Cleaning Tips

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This article was published on 2010/12/03