Timber Sash Window FAQ's

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If your home has old timber sash windows you might be weighing up the pros and cons of replacing them, or wondering what's involved in sash window renovation. To help you decide on the best course of action in your particular circumstances, here are some of the most frequent questions sash window owners ask:

My wooden sash windows are in poor condition, should I replace them?

Before making such a drastic decision ask the advice of a specialist sash window renovation company that offers free consultations. Their fully trained craftsmen can often rescue sash windows that others would say are too badly damaged to repair.

Are there any reasons why I shouldn't replace Victorian timber sash windows with new PVCu windows?

If your home is in a conservation area you will probably need planning permission to install a different type of window, and modern plastics are rarely allowed. Even if your property has no such restrictions on it, you should be aware that many people think traditional sash windows add character to a period home. If you want to sell in the future, you could find that removing these original features has made your property much less desirable.

Is it cost effective to restore rather than replace sash windows?

It will depend on the condition of the windows and what type of replacements you are considering, but restoration is often the cheaper option. It will also help you to retain, or even increase, the value of your property.

I want to keep my sash windows, but what can I do about the draughts?

Draughts are a symptom of sash windows that are showing their age, but modern sash window draught proofing methods can easily resolve the problem. Someone experienced in sash window repairs will also be able to find the cause of annoying rattles or difficulties with the sliding action and quickly put them right.

Is it possible to double glaze period sash windows?

In most cases there isn't enough space in the sashes to add a second pane of glass and, even if there is, it's not usually advisable because of the extra weight involved. But a skilled carpenter can make new double glazed sashes that fit perfectly into the original window.

How much mess and disruption should I expect during renovation?

If you use professionals who take a pride in their sash window restoration work – very little! There will be some unavoidable noise and dust but your carpets and furniture will be protected throughout and the work area will be left clean and tidy. If the job takes longer than one day, your windows will be made completely secure before work stops for the night.

Who can I trust to restore my windows so they'll last for many more years?

Choose a sash window expert who has built up a good reputation and is highly recommended by previous customers. Look for someone who is experienced in working on all types of sash windows and will only advise you to replace them if they really have come to the end of their useful life.

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Timber Sash Window FAQ's

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This article was published on 2010/11/03