UPVC Or Timber Sash Windows?

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Given the manufacturing quality available, today's uPVC sash windows can be indistinguishable from the old sash timber windows you may be considering getting rid of.  After years of putting up with drafty air coming from the general area of your window frames, being able to hear the cat having a scratch outside in the garden, (with your windows closed), and having a heating bill that rivaled that of a large hotel , you have decided enough is enough. Modern sash uPVC windows have many advantages over the old timber sash windows and while it is praiseworthy to make every effort to retain your old windows, sometimes you may have no choice .

Heat Retention and Noise Suppression: Double glazed sash uPVC windows have the obvious advantages of keeping in your precious (and expensive) heat and also to keep out some level of street noise. The accumulative gap space around a timber sash window that has shrunk or rotted can be quite considerable, up to 25 centimeters in exaggerated cases.  Naturally this will have a profound effect on the ability of your house to retain heat and to keep outside noises out, (and inside noises in!).

Ease of Cleaning: In addition many of these windows have a tilt feature. This feature allows you to clean the windows from the inside, so no more hanging off a ladder outside.

Low maintenance: There is no doubt that uPVC windows do not require the same level of maintenance as timber windows.  Regular cleaning, oiling of hinge parts with some WD-40 and your done.  Compare that with the painting and re-painting, cleaning, re-puttying, un-sticking, re-cording, etc, of timber windows and there is no contest.

Security: uPVC windows in general are more secure than timber windows, at least older timber windows - it has to be said that there are many timber window manufacturers that have worked hard to improve the security of timber windows.  However, with built in locking systems uPVC sash windows are a much more secure prospect than your old faithful sash windows, that you actually had held closed by that piece of jammed cardboard for the last few years!

Easy Installation: Installation of new sash uPVC windows in place of you old timber windows, is not difficult. The old windows are easily removed and the new windows installed with very little hassle.  It would be recommended that you would engage the services of a professional window glazier and installer. 

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UPVC Or Timber Sash Windows?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27